Whether it is chasing jobs, pursuing relationships, or simply searching for cheaper rent, American do a lot of moving between residences. Almost every single possession has to at some point be packages, wrapped, and boxed in order to be transferred to its new location. The Yupik lamp from Swedish collective Form Us With Love was created with the urban nomad in mind. Already housed in lightweight styrofoam, the bulb is protected and ready to travel to at a moment’s notice.

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The lamp is being produced for lighting company Fontana Arte, and can either be hung from the ceiling, stand upright, or tilted to rest on the table or floor. Sturdy and simple, the Yupik can be moved around to suit the needs of almost any living situation. Its modern lines also compliment most styles, making it both utilitarian and sleek. The polypropylene foam exterior allows for a durable and insulated casing for the bulb, and is available in black, white, or grey.

The clear polycarbonate diffuser resists breakage from jostling and dropping during relocation. Although the exterior is non-biodegradable, it is meant to hang around for a long time, and stylistically weather the whims of fads and trends. Longevity and sustainability may have to battle one another for supremacy in the overall composition of the Yupik.

Via Co.Design