Ahoy, there’s a whale living in the Hudson! According to the New York Times, an increasing number of witnesses have reported that a humpback whale has indeed taken up residence in the Hudson River. With the number of sightings (and photographic evidence) growing, many are wondering why the creature is swimming through the city and how many more are likely to follow.

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Multiple eyewitness reports reveal that the whale has been actively swimming in the Hudson River for the past week or so. One resident spotted the whale from the New York side of the river between 48th and 60th Streets on Sunday. Other sightings place the whale at different spots ranging from the Statue of Liberty to areas north of the George Washington Bridge, over the course of the past week. Based on some of the testimonies, this might not be the whale’s first trip to the Big Apple. One witness told the New York Times that she saw the animal last year as well. In all likelihood, the whale ventured into the river in search of food at the tail end of the feeding season, which is happening right about now. After feeding, whales migrate south to breed in warmer waters while winter rages in the north.

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Although this humpback may be the only whale in the city right now, others are not all that far away. The US Coast Guard reported on Monday about whale sightings in northern New Jersey waters, which suggested a travel pattern from Sandy Hook to Raritan Bay. The Coast Guard believes that the whale that is currently inside city limits is the same one who sparked reports on November 9, when eyewitnesses spotted the whale swimming to Liberty Island and to the George Washington Bridge.


Images via Paul Price/Twitter and Artie Raslich/Gotham Whale