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The snowfall this winter has been pretty extraordinary; in Boston alone over six feet of snow has fallen, promoting the city’s mayor to declare that it is fine to dump snow in the harbor—because no one’s quite sure what else can be done with all the stuff. So when there’s so much snow that you can’t go over it, and can’t go around it, it actually makes quite a lot of sense to start digging and just go through it.

In Boston, Ari Goldberger and his friend Shadron Davis discovered that the Wellington Greenway bike path, which allows commuters to access the local T station, was hidden under 15 feet of snow. So, the duo gathered a team to dig a massive 40-foot-long tunnelto allow pedestrians and cyclists to access the station. The tunnel stood for two days, until it was demolished, and a massive boulder left where the entrance had once stood. As Goldberger told Mashable “I’m guessing it was kind of a cover-your-ass type move from the MBTA.”

Snow tunnel dig by seemesmile32 on Instagram
Photo by seemesmile32 on Instagram

Meanwhile in Canada, Marcel Landry simply couldn’t find his car, at all. So he began to dig a path from his house, towards the area where he thought his vehicle was, and occasionally hit the car alarm from his key fob to ensure he continued to dig in the right direction. He and his partner, Stephanie Collicutt, dug for about six hours, until they had a 25-foot long tunnel and had successfully located their car. Now, Landry says, it’s simply a matter of digging through the snow bank until he can reach the road—that’s another 20 feet of so.

For now, the worst of this winter’s extraordinary snowfall appears to be over, that is, aside from the 10 inches that fell yesterday in Alabama.

Via Daily Mail