If you didn’t know that Wasara plates are meant to be thrown away, you wouldn’t want to let them go. Designed to be elegant and beautiful, Wasara plates are compostable and disposable.

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Two hands reaching for plates on either side of a table set with several plates of food.

But there’s a lot more than plates here. Wasara designed an entire line of tableware that includes bowls, serving dishes, serving spoons, cups, pourers and yes, plates of every size. The line even includes a bamboo knife and fork. All of Wasara’s tableware is disposable, so you don’t have to do any dishes at all. It’s also all compostable and made of renewable, natural materials that break down quickly.

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A hand holding a square plate.

These aren’t your typical coated paper plates. The line is fully compostable. According to the company, the tableware doesn’t leave behind any toxic materials, either.

A square plate with a curved lip on the front left corner.

Completely tree-free, the tableware is not made with paper, instead using bamboo and bagasse. Bamboo is a grass that grows incredibly fast and is a popular sustainable material. Bagasse is a fiber taken from sugarcane; it’s what’s left after the juice has been extracted. Around 100 million tons of this fiber are produced every year, and it’s perfect as a paper-like base. It’s even more pliable than wood pulp. Wasara prides itself on using these renewable materials.

An oblong disposable bowl.

The whole line of tableware is made to be as beautiful as it is functional, with flowing lines inspired by nature. The texture resembles Japanese paper, and the form of the design looks a lot like the shapes you’d find when observing the natural world. It’s a graceful, beautiful look made with soft curves and gentle, flowing lines. This tableware is made to help create a brighter future, but it also incorporates a beautiful design that honors traditional Japanese art.

A disposable bowl.

This tableware is available through online retailers and may become more widely available as the brand grows.


Image via WASARA Co., Ltd.