Fixing the environmental problems the world is facing is not something that can be accomplished with one action, no matter how big. Solving the problems is something that we all have to work toward every day. That’s why W&P Design makes products that people use every day.

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A kitchen island table spread with a bowl of salad, Tupperware and reusable zip locks

W&P began with two college roommates: John Williams and Eric Prum. They shared an interest in making great food and crafting great cocktails. Only, there was just one problem: the everyday tools used for cooking and eating weren’t eco-friendly.

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A grey bowl with a grey lid

Together, their goal is to provide tools and utensils that are sustainable, beautiful, simple and practical. Single-use plastic will start to become a thing of the past with storage containers and bags from W&P. Their products are made with BPA-free plastic and borosilicate glass LFGB-certified silicone. Additionally, they are made to be dishwasher-safe and reusable.

A thermos container held by a brown hand

The two minds behind W&P work with manufacturers to create streamlined, simple products that look elegant and work for a long time. Their mission is to eliminate waste using practical, reusable kitchen items that people will enjoy using. Furthermore, they hope to make the world a better place.

W&P's porter bowl seal tight, which looks like a grey bowl with a lid

Moreover, the W&P storefront has more than 300 different items available already. Some of the most popular products include the Porter insulated bottle, which is made with ceramic coating. The bottle is designed to keep liquids hot or cold. It’s part of the Porter collection, a line of products made for on-the-go food and beverage storage. The line also includes seal tight bowls with leak-proof lids.

A set of metal straws laid flat on a white surface

On the other hand, kitchen accessories include metal straws, bottle brushes and utensil sets. The whole point is that these products are designed to help you do the things you do every day and cut down on the waste of single-use plastics. Making some changes every day can, possibly, make the environment much cleaner.

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