Sustainable architecture focuses on low impact construction and natural or recycled materials. The new marketing suite for Goldman Westlink is just such a building. 

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the exterior of a building consisting of four cube-like blocks with glass walls framed in dark wood

Designed by A Work of Substance, the office space currently resides in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun district, and was constructed from four shipping containers. The selection of shipping containers as the structure for the office was multi-faceted. They work as the perfect symbol for the client Goldman Westlink, which is a logistics company. In addition to representing the movement of goods, the shipping containers offer a sustainable option. They are recycled (or upcycled), giving them a second life. Plus, the design is modular, allowing the company to break it apart and move it to another location. The construction and even a subsequent move will leave minimal impact on the land.

interior of building with wood floors, walls and ceilings. to the right a woman stands next to a set of stairs, and to the left a long table with chairs sits in front of a window showcasing green foliage

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interior of building with wood floors, walls and ceilings. a long table with chairs sits in the middle of the room, with windows on both the left and right of the room. to the left is a blue sofa.

Six interior spaces are born from four containers, all of which provide ample natural light and views of the surrounding scenery with massive windows. Timber accents soften the industrial feel of the metal and diffuse the building into the landscape.

the photo to the left showcases a sofa against a floor-to-ceiling window with a sofa next to it and a lamp. the photo to the right is a set of stairs leading up to a second floor

Stacking the containers allowed A Work of Substance to provide two stories of meeting and work space, along with an outdoor deck and sitting area. The long wooden board table and technology may resemble other office buildings, but the expansive views and minimalist design certainly do not. And while A Work of Substance prides itself on thinking outside the box, this is one box anyone would enjoy working in.

a woman walks up a set of stairs onto the second floor. the second floor has window walls and ceiling, showing green foliage all around

A Work of Substance is an international design company with commissions spanning the globe, including Hong Kong, Niseko, Seoul, Hội An, Singapore, Bali, Flores, Paris, Megève Vancouver and Milan.

a warmly lit wood-paneled hallway

As architects from A Work of Substance said, “At the very epicenter of hong kong’s design revolution, our 30-person shop uses design as a tool to rejuvenate culture and local neighbourhoods, creating works of substance that make hong kong a place people look to for inspiration. Ever daring and ever curious, we are constantly venturing into new projects and industries including the launch of our exclusive line of amenities, furniture and lighting. Throughout the evolution of substance we have developed strong partnerships with suppliers and deepened our knowledge of hong kong’s cultural landscape and its products.”

a woman walks out a dark colored door out onto a balcony with a wood floor.

+ A Work of Substance

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Images via Dennis Lo