Camper vans have been around for generations, but after 5 minutes of watching traffic in any national park, you’ll see that they have come a long way since the Volkswagen version that was once ubiquitous along surfing coastlines. Sprinter vans, common in today’s #vanlife era, are a model of van produced by Mercedes-Benz. Other manufacturers are pumping out similar designs to keep up with the trend, and each company has its own spin on the concept with an optimized combination of minimization, comfort and maneuverability. Hymer, a German company, has recently revealed its vision of a luxury camper van for 2025 and beyond — the VisionVenture.

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rendering of camper van with back hatch open

Imagine a sleek apartment compressed into an off-road vehicle, and you have the basis for the VisionVenture. Equipped for comfort, it offers sleeping areas, a sleek bathroom and plenty of seating alongside 4×4 capabilities that allow you to escape the crowds.

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rendering of camper van with pop-top with back hatch open

The concept car starts with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van grille, doors and lights and adapts the rest of the front end for additional space by pushing out the windshield and redesigning the canopy and engine hood. This change creates better flow and a more open feel between the cab and the center of the van.

rendering of white couches in back of camper van with back door open to lake views

The kitchen is anchored around a central stairway with built-in storage that leads to a pop-up bedding solution with upper insulation and quick-respond temperature control. The main living area welcomes in natural light through large side windows and a rear door, which opens to create a covered terrace complete with a pull-out barbecue station. There’s even space for a full-capacity bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink that can be collapsed against the wall for more space.

rendering of black kitchen inside a camper van

Lush interior decor adds to the feeling of home with spacious couches that can be converted into additional bedding, wall decor, shelving, lighting and accessories for all your digital needs.

rendering of camper van with white sofas and black kitchen

While the idea is comfort coupled with the ability to go remote, the designers included some sustainable technology into the project as well with wheel arch fairings and other body parts manufactured by 3D printers. The system also includes photovoltaic components for low-impact, off-grid power production.

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aerial rendering of camper van with pop-top