Environmentalists know that plants are the key to solving many of the catastrophic problems of the planet. Plants and trees have always had the ability to produce oxygen, filter the air and make the world healthier and happier for all life forms living on it. One entrepreneur and plantfluencer is bringing the fun to houseplants and making a big impact on green-based interior design.

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Clara Leung married her heritage with her hobby to create a highly successful business. She promotes feng shui through houseplants. She sells thousands of plants and planters on social media and helps many people create green spaces inside their homes to promote cleaner air and healthier energy overall.

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An Asian woman sitting in the middle of full of houseplants

Specifically, feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice based upon the energy flow of your home. Clara Leung applied this ancient art to houseplants, using them to create positive energy flow. Through her business, Leung sells homemade soil, planters and plants. She also offers a consultation service to help clients balance the flow of their interior spaces using feng shui. Despite these two backgrounds, it didn’t start out that way.

“I went through a divorce, and I needed to redo my whole home, so naturally this transformation project included feng shui houseplants and designs. After seeing my healing process go very well, I continued to collect and decorate plants throughout my home,” Leung said.

Her journey to become a plantfluencer started on a social media marketplace.

“I just happened to see a lady trying to sell one huge dumb cane (science name: Dieffenbachieae). She said she was going to throw them in the trash if nobody came to purchase them within 12 hours. I saw that her location was just a few miles away from where I lived so I rushed out and grabbed them. I didn’t even have a chance to take my morning shower. I sold one of these stems in a few seconds after putting it on Facebook Marketplace. This moment inspired my Clara’s Green House Feng Shui business,” Leung said.

A person sitting holding a pot in front of another pot filled with a snake plant

Some of her favorite plants include snake plants and mini monstera. She recommends snake plant and money tree plant as a good starter plant for people who aren’t great at growing plants. These plants don’t need a lot of water to thrive. In many climates, they will stay alive even after three to four weeks without water. However, if you tend to water too much, try pothos.

“They like to be in moist soils,” Leung said. “They are still fine if they are overwatered accidentally as long as they are in nursery planters, which have multiple drainage holes at the bottom to drain water out.”

By integrating plants into her feng shui designs, Leung found more balance and happiness in her own life. She adopts thousands and thousands of Old Chinese feng shui philosophies and practices that her grandmother and mother instilled in her throughout her healing process. Now, it’s part of her business and daily life.

By ancient wisdom or modern, it’s well-known that houseplants improve your air quality and, therefore, your quality of life. Whether it’s scientific or somewhat spiritual, plants do have a positive impact on interior spaces. Thanks to Leung and her message, more people are finding that out.

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Images via Clara Leung and Pexels