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Located next to the regular stairwell, the pooch-friendly staircase has smaller steps and even a doggy balustrade. The short riser height and shallow incline translates to a much longer stairway, which winds around the living room wall like a work of art. The minimalist stair is painted all white to match the existing stairway and the interior’s minimalist aesthetic—we hope the client’s dogs don’t have muddy paws.

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The client was a personal friend of Joe Chikamori, the principal architect at 07Beach. In a note to the client Chikamori wrote: “I designed this so that your house could represent your affection for your wife and your two dogs, with the idea that this house will be like a gift to your family.” The doggy staircase was created as part of the client’s home renovation, which took 17 days to design and an additional 26 days for construction.

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