Four Italian graffiti artists recently unveiled a mind-blowing mural that changes as you walk through it. Titled Space Oddity, the work of art is an anamorphic optical illusion that looks different based on where the viewer stands.

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The first known example of anamorphic art is Leonardo’s Eye, a painting created by – who else? – Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance. Since then, other artists such as Hans Holbein the Younger incorporated the mind-twisting technique into their artwork.

Space Oddity, Truly Designs, mural, graffiti, anamorphic painting, VF Corporation, art, design

Space Oddity is a huge circle that morphs into geometric shapes depending on where a person walks. It adorns the hallway of Switzerland’s VF Corporation – a branding company that’s been in business since 1899 and has worked for clients such as Vans, Timberland, and The North Face.

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Anamorphic designs, along with 3D graffiti, are Truly Design’s specialty. They particularly love introducing anamorphic art to industrial spaces. “The spectacular scenic effect created on large scales by these illusions never ceases to make jaws drop,” they said.

Space Oddity, Truly Designs, mural, graffiti, anamorphic painting, VF Corporation, art, design

In addition to mind-bending murals, Truly Designs has painted truly stunning artwork for museums, universities, and homes. They’ve transformed cars into works of art, designed musical album covers, and customized snowboards. You can check out more of their anamorphic art here or view their other projects here.

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