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The set of Charlie’s tiny apartment was built in just four days, and should really be rehashed as a kit-of-parts for New York City studio-dwellers. The design takes advantage of the space’s high ceilings to create a bedroom-within-a-room for Charlie to sleep in, as well as a loft space for lounging. The elevated space can be accessed by stairs that double as built-in storage shelves and a mini closet for Charlie to hang his clothes. Because the mini room effectively doubles the usable square footage of the space it occupies, there is even room for a dining/work table.

For those of you who don’t watch Girls, the show implies that Charlie built most of his furniture and built-ins himself with the expertise he gained at his carpentry and architecture office jobs. While we’re not sure how plausible that part is, the finishes, staging and reflection of Charlie’s character (he’s painted as a creative, but still organized and pragmatic person) are spot-on. The fact that the “bedroom” has been positioned to get natural light from a window it shares with the “lounge” is another example of how Ballinger Gardner was able to make the apartment seem even like a place someone actually lives.

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Via LA Times