Uniti is on a mission to create an intelligent, small electric car – and they just partnered with energy company E.ON to provide customers with five years of free solar energy. Uniti is just a couple days away from the worldwide debut of the vehicle.

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Uniti, car, electric car, electric vehicle, automotive, car design

Sustainability drives Uniti, and they wanted to go a step further than manufacturing an electric car, considering that vehicle’s source of electricity as well. Uniti says on their website they aim to consider “the entire value chain and the entire life cycle of the vehicle.” Their partnership with E.ON means E.ON customers who buy a Uniti car in Sweden get a sweet perk: five years of free power guaranteed to be sourced via solar energy.

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Uniti’s Innovation Manager Tobias Ekman said in a statement, “This is also a new approach. We know that most of the charging, especially for these types of cars, will take place at home. These kinds of solution are therefore particularly sustainable.”

Uniti, car, electric car, electric vehicle, automotive, car design

Uniti’s electric car is comprised of a recyclable carbon fiber body, with an organic composite interior. The company has worked to digitize the driving experience in many ways, describing their vehicle as the smartphone car. Inside there’s a heads-up display with navigation and safety features, and human drivers interact with the car more like they would with their phones using digitized interaction points. Electronic steering is designed to make driving more fun while increasing safety.

The company plans to sell the car somewhat like a smartphone might be sold as well: either directly online for delivery to a customer’s home, or in consumer electronics retail environments.

The worldwide debut will be December 7 in Landskrona, Sweden, and Uniti will be live streaming here. They’ve already received almost 1,000 pre-orders, and are still taking orders on their website. They expect to deliver in 2019.

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