Taiwanese firm Emerge Architects has created a beautiful hotel in a remote coastal area of Yilan in northeastern Taiwan. Built into a large hill that overlooks the harbor, the Onyx Lit House is a contemporary jet-black tower with clusters of round windows that stream light into the interior. The bold tower, which becomes a glowing beacon at night, was inspired by the seaside landscape.

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black home with several round windows of varying sizes

interior living space with multiple round windows

Located in the coastal area of Yilan, the Onyx Lit House holds court over the city’s bustling harbor area. According to the architects, the seaside environment served as an inspiration for the design. “Our first impression of Toucheng Village and Wishi Harbour in Yilan was the smell of salty waves, the sound of splashes on the glossy shingle beach and the sight of distant Guishan Island,” the firm said. “The image of dissolving waves and glittering sea foam became the source to the guesthouse’s design element.”

outdoor terrace with black accents

all white interior hallway with black accents

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The hotel’s dark facade is punctuated with various round windows. During the day, pockets of natural light filter in through the openings and brighten the interior. At night, the tower becomes a glowing beacon on the outside, while the interior resembles a starry night sky.

On the left, large round window with view of mountains in the background. On the right, small balcony with chairs and a table.

The nearly 3,000-square-foot guest home spreads out over three floors. A narrow staircase connects the floors, all of which are decorated with a minimalist design. The common spaces are painted a stark white to contrast the black exterior. Every floor has an open-air balcony that lets visitors sit and enjoy the fresh sea air. The individual guestrooms are arranged to take advantage of natural light during the day and the starry-like atmosphere at night. The unique windows also provide stunning views of the sea and mountains in the distance.

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Photography by Lucas K. Doolan via Emerge Architects