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For anyone looking for that perfect off-gridoption, Orange is an exceptionally energy efficient mini-structure that is 100 percent free from harmful building materials. The home is constructed with non-toxic pressure treated plywood sheathing, which is free from harmful urea-formaldehyde. The panels are Zero-VOC glued with Eco-bond brand heavy duty construction adhesive that ensures the structure’s stability and durability. And the orange-tinted cedar cladding comes from the traditional Japanese yakisugi method, which gives the home a warm, handcrafted finish as well as incredible longevity. A rainscreen system is installed on the exterior and, along with the yakisugi treated cedar, makes the home naturally resistant to fire, water, rot, pests and extreme weather.

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Although the wooden cabin look is part of its rustic charm, the metal roofing also plays a major part in the home’s impressive sustainability portfolio. The company’s signature metallic acryllic coated galvalume roof is highly reflective, protecting the interior from radiant heat. Plus it is installed on a high grade underlay over two layers of polyisocyanurate rigid insulation, which reduces the amount of condensation that commonly forms under metal roofs. The durable material and installation also adds to the stability of the home, making it both wind and vibration resistant. As such, Orange is an especially durable choice for areas that experience extreme weather such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

Like most of Vagavond’s homes, Orange is solar ready and can be easily powered by a small off-grid solar panel system. The home’s energy needs are 100 percent met by either human powered and passive appliances. To avoid the use of propane, the home is equipped with an Origo alcohol burning oven, a solar hot water heater that can use wood or electricity as backup heat source, and a small solid cast iron wood burning stove.

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For energy conservation, Orange is fully insulated with natural wool. Besides being natural and non-toxic, wool insulation also absorbs and traps common indoor air pollutants. For added energy conservation, the home is equipped with Andersen Windows E-series Axiom windows with an anodized aluminum exterior cladding. This material, also used by Apple in most of its electronics, offers optimal efficiencythanks to its hermetically sealed system that insulates the home from excessive heat, cold and sound.

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