Fishermans Bend is the first of its kind in Australia, but it could become the prototype for many similar designs to follow. This warehouse has been given a new life as a supermarket, going from an industrial building to a pretty neighborhood center.

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A large industrial warehouse complex called Fishermans Bend

It’s just one element of a large-scale urban renewal project that will provide homes and jobs for 80,000 residents by 2050. What was once a huge industrial area will become a beautiful new community. In addition to the supermarket, there will be community centers, educational facilities, parks, restaurants, shops and housing.

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A large industrial parking lot that leads to a supermarket

The warehouse was an industrial monster in its former life, a huge building that is big enough to contain the new Woolworths supermarket, several places to eat and another store besides. This will serve as a retail center for the neighborhood, which will also have a cool food truck zone.

Inside the industrial complex but outside the shop there is a seating area with fake grass

The new neighborhood is near the JL Murphy Reserve, a popular destination for outdoor leisure and sports. That’s why the retail center is designed with a sort of indoor-outdoor feel. Open areas maintain the connection to the natural world.

An indoor seating hallway

The architecture of the new supermarket and retail center captures the industrial look while still creating a warm and inviting space for shoppers. The existing metal warehouse shed is one of the many parts of the building that were salvaged and reused.

An indoor supermarket and dining area

The Woolworth supermarket will be the first building to be completed as part of the project, setting the tone and the stage for the future of the area.

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Photography by Emma Cross