Have you ever wanted to re-gift a present you received, but worried that was tacky? Then again, you don’t want to support fast fashion companies and the consumer excess that we know as Black Friday? What’s a conscientious, yet classy shopper to do?

Turns out, 92% of people are open to receiving a secondhand gift, according to research done by Morning Consult, commissioned by Poshmark. The popular social marketplace for women’s new and secondhand style is trying to get the word out that things bought twice can still be nice by promoting Secondhand Sunday. This new day in Shopping Holy Week follows Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, but comes before Cyber Monday.

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In its inaugural year, it will be “the first-ever day dedicated to supporting secondhand sellers and circular fashion during the peak holiday shopping season,” according to Poshmark. “This new, annual holiday aims to redirect shopping away from mass consumption of new goods toward choices that support individual sellers and environmental sustainability.”

As somebody who went out today wearing a jacket and pants sourced from a free box on the street, I was relieved to learn that my style isn’t just for freelance writers. According to the new research, affordability is the top motivator for buying secondhand gifts this year with 60% of respondents. (Hello, inflation!)

Sustainability and supporting local communities were the next most popular reasons to buy secondhand gifts. Consumers were most open to receiving the following types of used stuff: vintage items (93%), books (91%), home items (89%), jewelry/watches (88%), furniture (87%) and luxury items (87%).

One of the most interesting finds was that while a huge majority of consumers said they were open to receiving secondhand gifts, shoppers are still reluctant to buy them. Only 34% of respondents said they were likely to give somebody a secondhand gift. As Poshmark pointed out that leaves “a massive opportunity to close this gap.” So start scouring a resale website, thrift store or free box near you this Secondhand Sunday.

Lead image via Pexels