The Thundertruck electric vehicle is a rugged and futuristic solar truck concept with solar-charging batwings up top to charge off-grid. But does someone actually make it? Not yet. The Thundertruck EV is an 800-horsepower electric truck complete with interior and exterior renderings and a PR campaign. Dreamed up by Los Angeles advertising agency Wolfgang L.A., Thundertruck concept “challenges current automotive design principles.”

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A rendering of the Thundertruck.

As the Thundertruck website explains, “When COVID first hit, people were looking for ways to occupy their time. Instead of baking bread or making puzzles we decided to make a new state-of-the-art EV truck.” As a creative concept, the Thundertruck is eye-catching.

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The front of the truck.

Billed “science non-fiction” and inspired by the Australian Outback and young adventurers going off-grid, the Thundertruck project imagines new possibilities for EVs. The Thundertruck’s theoretical specifications estimate a range between 400-600 miles. It has a fully black interior with a concept vehicle-style square steering wheel, heads-up display and center console screens for driver controls, plus a solar panel that unfolds over the roof like a halo for plug-free vehicle charging. More notably, the Thundertruck is designed with an extra two wheels and additional trailer that connect in the rear for more storage and off-road adventuring.

The side of a black truck.

What’s the hp? Maybe 800. Torque? A projected 800-1200 lb-ft, which, if you’re not a gearhead, is an enormous figure that suits this imaginative concept. With a front trunk and an estimated 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds, the Thundertruck isn’t a bad design, similar to the Tesla Cybertruck but more detailed in its features. What we can say is that the Wolfgang Thundertruck is a great idea for an off-road EV — if an automaker decides to pick up the design.

An aerial view of Thundertruck's solar wings.

That’s… not how the automotive industry works, so expect this to remain a cool concept for now. Still, the Thundertruck explores interesting ideas and features for electric vehicles.

+ Wolfgang L.A.

Via CleanTechnica

Images via Wolfgang L.A.