Where others see alleyways as a place to pee, Patrick Q.F. Barr sees them as a place to tee (off). The amateur photographer, who calls himself “Tiger Hood”, has been showing New Yorkers that you don’t need a country club membership to practice your swing. Barr stumbled upon the unusual hobby when he found a golf club and a bunch of school lunch milk cartons in the garbage, and now his urban golfing jaunts are all par for the course.

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Over the years, Barr’s collection of milk cartons golf balls has grown, and so has his audience as he continues to activate previously unused space in the city by turning it into impromptu golf courses. ESPN featured “Tiger Hood” in a short film for their 30 for 30 series.

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While it began as a fluke, Barr’s inventive golfing style has led to honest moments of connection with his fellow city dwellers. Reinventing the city’s garbage and creating active social spaces in unexpected places, he is commonly spotted downtown with his club. “Tiger Hood” also sells original photos of his beloved New York City for ten bucks each.


Images courtesy of OddityCentral, MyUsualGame and Creative Commons