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The Roslyn Street bar seems a lot taller than it is because of the unique 200 square meter site on which it was placed. Four stories tall, the 197 square meter upscale establishment was conceived as both an icon and a team player, so it was important that the overall design remain consistent with the overall character of Kings Cross.

But DBJ did take creative license by covering the thick masonry walls in both matte and glossy cracked tiles that refract and reflect light and by arranging the windows to be slightly misaligned. Also, unique splits in the awning signal entry points to pedestrians at street level. The real gem of the building lies on the rooftop, where patrons can enjoy a garden full of indigenous Frangipani trees and another seasonal plantings as they take in the view of a nearby public park.

+ Durbach Block Jaggers

images via Durbach Block Jaggers

Via Arch Daily