“We use natural and organic materials for the construction, insulation and finishings,” said REDUKT, a Poland-based designer of tiny homes. “We make efforts to make our houses as sustainable as possible. We care about our planet and health.”

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A tiny wooden house on wheels sits in a grass field

What wouldn’t you love about this wood-paneled tiny home on wheels? The interior is oiled pine paneling with flush Scandinavian-style drawers, making the most of all possible storage space. The home opens on both sides with large double glass-pane doors, which gives the REDUKT homes a spacious feel. 

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A small area for kitchen with two windows facing each other

A tiny heating stove sits on an elevated surface opposite a kitchenette with sink and stovetop. A door passes beyond the kitchen to a bath. At the other end of the tiny home, storage is stacked ceiling high under a bed loft accessed by narrow, open-tread stairs. The whole interior is finished with pine. There is a space beneath the bed loft big enough for another bedroom or office, complete with shelving and closet space.

Both glass doors are open on either side of the main living room

The REDUKT tiny home measures a total of 7.20 meter by 2.55 meter by 3.95 meters, which leaves enough room for an open, large living space in the center. It is is designed for a couple with two small children.

A doorway from within the wooden interior

“The living space can remain for their kids while the adults can escape to a semi-low mezzanine accessible by a set of folding staircases,” said REDUKT. “In addition to the bedrooms, a large kitchenette, bathroom and plenty of storage space make living in REDUKT’s tiny home feel a lot larger than you’d think.”

A foldable staircase leading to the upstairs and wooden shelving against the walls

The staircase collapses against the wall for extra room to move around. This also makes the REDUKT house more accessible, since someone might want to use the loft for storage but keep their own bed on the main level to avoid using the stairs regularly. It’s a surprisingly large tiny home with many configurations.


Images via REDUKT