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Hristova describes her inspiration for this portable marvel: “Our limited budget as a young family kept the idea of buying a plot and building on it distant and impossible. And by doing so we were just going to be part of the concrete army invading the sea side. So we opted for making our retreat on wheels.” The white oiled wooden walls are bright and cherry in this 96 square foot home, with some exterior walls painted white to reflect outdoor lighting at night.

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Unlike traditional campers or trailers, the outdoor area is just as much a focal point as the charming interior. Keeping with Bulgarian traditions, nights including “long dinners with sea food and light music” are introduced by sipping chilled wine and enjoying fresh air with friends under the canopy. A continuation of the cozy patio, there is a convertible couch set right in front of the full-glass doors, allowing for easy entertainment.

The Koleliba home – a fabricated word meaning a hut with wheels – serves as a stylish protest to expanding consumerism and the idea that more is more. By bringing families back to basic, tiny homes are shifting the focus away from materialism and back to the significance of reconnecting with one another.

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