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Luca Vuerich was a mountain guide and well know climber who sadly died some years ago at the age of 34. He was caught by an avalanche while climbing an iced waterfall in the mountains near Tarvisio. Nowadays, the ‘Camping Luca Vuerich’ stands in isolation in the crest of the Foronon Buinz Mountain, honoring his life.

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Due to its high altitude, the building materials had to be cut off-site and then brought up to the top on 18 helicopter trips. Once they had everything on-site, a team of 12 people assembled the gable roof shelter in only a day. The high-altitude refuge is 52 sq ft and was built from CNC-machined X-LAM wooden panels and 3 trusses standing on 6 concrete columns that come out from the rocks.

Strong, sweet and humble, the refuge offers a secure shelter and stunning views from the top of the world, all in the name of Luca.

+ Giovanni Pesamosca

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Photos by Giovanni Pesamosca