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LEGO lovers and design fans alike can agree that Tøstesen’s lamp goes beyond the traditional use of the toy blocks. Tøstesen used the children’s toys to create a practical (and even opulent-looking) light fixture that spans almost five feet in diameter.

Tøstesen’s chandelier could be fitted with an omnidirectional LED bulb – although it’s also beautiful as a stand-alone sculpture. The clear scale-like windows shimmer as they reflect ambient light and cast shapes around the room. Like a disco ball, the chandelier’s patterned surface can throw dots of light when close to a light source, turning the piece into an installation.

Tøstesen used circular metal frames to suspend the layers apart from each other. The LEGO pieces were then arranged with their convex curve pointing in, making plastic welds on the entire surface of the lamp for catching and refracting light. Tøstesen’s LEGO chandelier made its public debut at Milan Design Week 2013.

+ Tobias Tøstesen

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