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The Toda House consists of one continuous wraparound volume that is cloaked in a panel of well-insulated glass. This affords the home not only the view, which is enviable enough, but also plenty of daylight. This dynamic structure with a gaping courtyard in the middle also ensures that plenty of natural ventilation is able to circulate throughout the 374 square foot residence.

Although the home rests against a lush hill and maintains a direct connection with nature, it also functions a bit like a nest that provides ample protection from the elements. In addition to giving the project a negligible footprint, the lift also maximizes green space. Cars and bicycles can park below the home, and there is room for expansion – something that is definitely planned for the future. We really love the fluidity of this space and the modestly-furnished interior, which is positively flooded with natural light.

+ Office of Kimihiko Okada

Via Arch Daily