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K2YT‘s House-K is a rectilinear residence located on a corner plot next to a noisy railway. In order to create a serene atmosphere for the two resident families, the architects created enclosed courtyards on different sides of the house, providing natural light and creating views which would otherwise be impossible to establish. This approach created a social house, unlike most neighboring buildings which were designed to be closed off from the street due to the noisiness of the railway.

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The house is organized on a simple six-unit grid which was extruded vertically and made into a more complex system thanks to several split levels. Inside, the raw material quality of exposed concrete and wood creates a tactile experience. The center of the building is anchored by a staircase made from thin folded steel that looks almost weightless. The home’s living areas are located on the ground floor, while bedrooms occupy all three upper floors.

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Photos by Satoshi Asakawa