trekronekabin, tommie wilhelmsen, sustainable architecture, treehouse design, green design, eco architecture, local materials

Wilhelmsen sought to design a lodge that rises up above the treetops to evoke space and calm. He used black and earthy tones to complement the natural environment, while simultaneously creating a dramatic anchor to the rocky ledge using steel to hold up the floor. This sharp horizontal edge contrasts with the vertical line of the concrete chimney, and the entire site holds its ground above the ocean below.

Inside, the ceiling is made from wooden slats that curve to encapsulate a seating area. Large windows open out onto spectacular views and are complimented with simple furnishings and modest decor. The entire space is flooded with light, and looks like a stunning space to enjoy the enticing Nordic summers.

+ Tommie Wilhelmsen

Images courtesy of Nils Petter Dale