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To create the large, airy lounge, one of the design’s most significant alterations was the removal of the mezzanine. This allowed the design team to restore the open character of the original space and have unimpeded views of the East River. The UN walls opposite from the windows are now adorned with large mural paintings hanging over a large section of seating.

The original UN Building was first constructed in the early 1950s and after being an epicenter of international policy for over 60 years, the aesthetic of the space was in dire need of a redesign. In 2010, Netherland representatives decided to adopt the lounge and handle the renovation themselves by asking four design teams for proposals.

The lounge is just one of the first of a series of renovations to be finished. Located just a few feet away, the General Assembly Hall, which has seen historic arguments like the discussion over the invasion of Iraq, is also in the midst of a facelift.

+ Hella Jongerius

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