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Perched high atop a peak in the popular Austrian ski area, the Top of Tyrol platform gently extends over the mountain’s edge above the glacial ski area below. The panoramic platform was created to give visitors to the ski areas a chance to observe and experience nature without the distraction of man-made structures such as ski lifts and lodges. Located just north of Innsbruck, the area is a popular destination for winter sports as well as hiking and climbing.

The structure is made from rock and weathered steel in order to blend in with the red rocks which it sits upon. Most of the platform was prefabricated then lifted by helicopter to the site to be installed.

Visitors can reach the Top of Tyrol observation platform by taking a gondola and then climbing a up a narrow set of stairs to the platform itself.  A trek up the steps gives a 360-degree view of the Stubai Alps, the Dolomites, the Chalk Alps and the Stubai Glacier. In summer months the terrain is rocky, but in winter the platform and adjacent stairway can be covered by several feet of snow, making it a treacherous hike upwards. However the gorgeous snow-covered mountainscape is a breathtaking reward for those who make the journey.

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