Depending on one’s perspective, this crazy new all-electric TORQ Roadster from Epic EV either looks like the most fun you can have on three wheels, or absolutely terrifying. Set to be officially unveiled to the public on April 6 in San Diego, the trike, which somewhat resembles a truncated, roofless Batmobile, can go from 0-60mph in just four seconds. But all that emissions-free power comes at a price; when it goes on sale next month it will be listed at “around $65,000,” with just 50 vehicles planned for production this year.

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Epic EV is the brainchild of Chris Anthony, former head of Aptera and a collaborator on projects that include the electric Delorean. The trike, which Epic EV assures the public is street-legal (though you might want a helmet), is crafted with carbon fiber body panels, high-performance suspension and a lightweight, low-profile poly carbonate windshield, all of which help the EV reach its record-breaking speed and improve its efficiency. The speedy acceleration is powered by an electric motor that produces a hefty 600 lb/ft of torque and over 400 horsepower. Additionally, Epic EV claims its three-wheeled form “reduces drag on the tarmac by 25%,” which Gizmag quite reasonably assumes “must be a joke.”

If you have $65,000 burning a hole in your pocket and want one of these awesome, and awesomely bizarre vehicles for yourself, Epic EV is taking orders with a $10,000 refundable deposit. Or if you’re really into it you can throw down a $5,000 non-refundable deposit that guarantees you your very own, very fast electric trike.

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