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StAndré-Lang Architectes, France, Archi

Constructed out of simple timber and organized around a large central light shaft, the Tourner Autour du Ried is oriented to maximize daylighting as the sun takes its journey across the sky each day. Interior furnishings are restricted to one bench that wraps around the perimeter of the small structure.

The north side of the small home is low-lying while the southern end is taller, opening up to the day. But the most striking aspect of this design, which cost €7,000 to realize and sits gently amid a bucolic field, is the cladding. Like the Alsace corn dryers and even their equivalent in South America, the designers incorporated corn cobs into their temporary project. This not only allows the facade to blend in with the surroundings but actually changes alongside it in tune with the seasons.

Via Arch Daily

images via StAndré-Lang Architectes