Toyota is well known for its efficient automobiles, but with news that 29 of their facilities have achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the auto company stake their claim as a leader in green building. The most recent addition to Toyota’s LEED portfolio is the newly completed Kansas City Regional Technical Training Center, which achieved LEED Gold certification.

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Toyota’s 29 green buildings consist of 11 Toyota/Lexus U.S. facilities and 18 Toyota/Lexus dealerships, all of which have achieved LEED certification.

In a press release, Doug Beebe, TMS corporate manager of administrative services said: “At Toyota, we are committed to reducing environmental impacts throughout our operations. LEED provides a framework for us to demonstrate that doing what is environmentally responsible can also be financially responsible.”

To use the most recent LEED certified building as an example, Toyota’s efforts to make the Kansas City technical training center as green as possible included recycling and salvaging 99% of construction waste, planting extensive vegetation and removing 95% of pollutants. Automatic lighting was also added to reduce electrical demand by 24.5%.

Toyota’s other facilities have achieved various levels of LEED certification since 2003 in a bid to improve the design and efficiency of all operations while reducing the overall environmental footprint. The automobile company famously constructed the first LEED certified dealership in the country in 2006. The Patt Lobb Toyota dealership in McKinney, Texas was awarded Silver LEED certification and has led the way for other car showrooms to be as green as possible.

“Toyota and Lexus dealers have truly seized the opportunity to ‘green’ their businesses,” said Ernest Bastien, TMS vice president of retail market development, “and by doing so are demonstrating environmental leadership in their communities. Dealers are also quickly re-couping their initial investments and realizing the long-term financial benefits of building more efficient dealerships.”

Toyota also recently showed off their green credentials on Earth Day by contributing in the CO2 E-Drive in New York’s Times Square with the Prius family of hybrids.

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