If you read last week’s Transportation Tuesday, you might be doing a double take – after all, we are featuring another ultra-thin, super cool looking, three wheel vehicle. Last week was the electric Smera. This week’s sleek ride is the distinguished CLEVER concept – a 3 feet wide vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas and is perfect for urban driving.

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The CLEVER was designed by the Technical University of Berlin, which together with a number of partners, including BMW, wanted to develop a type of vehicle that would be suitable for urban use. The result was a low emissions, three wheeled, two person vehicle that can tilt around corners, and look quite stylish doing it.

The CLEVER, which stands for compact low emission vehicle for urban transport, is 3 meters long and 1 meter wide. It weighs less than 400kg, and combined with the fact that it is powered by natural gas, will give you around 60g/km (compared to 100 g/km for a small vehicle). The top speed is 100kph, and it has an acceleration of 0-60kph in about 7 seconds.

Unlike the Smera, the CLEVER is unlikely to go into production any time soon, as it was intended to be more of an exploratory model, rather than a full solution. We’re definitely hoping that some of the research in this design shows up in some form or another soon.