There are few bags that manage to forgo the manufacturing process of sewing, but Strand Design has created a range of bags that does just that. Believing that their products need to adhere to a sustainable lifecycle — by allowing for easy and affordable local assembly, and even easier disassembly — they realized they only had to do one simple thing: fold instead of sew! Their straightforward construction approach has since given way to a new line of carryalls they’ve dubbed Tree Theory Bags. The eye-catching bags are not only stunningly simple, but best of all, able to stand the test of time!

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The original origami style designs were first constructed in 2009 using old billboard posters and salvagedseatbelts. Today, the latest versions of Tree Theory Bags are available in locally sourced natural leather and extra durable rubber made from recycled tires. The bags can also be easily updated with their new range of skins or straps as the material becomes worn over the years.

As Ted Burdett of Strand Design emphasizes, “Everybody knows that no bag lasts forever, but bags are made in such a way that there is no planning for what happens when the bag is finished. This bag is built to be unbuilt… and because it comes [from an array of pieces], that means that we can dispose of all of the parts of this bag responsibly.”

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