Imagine a building designed with the latest green technologies that also showcases innovative technologies of the future. Kind of blows your mind, right? Well that’s exactly what Spain’s green roofed and solar powered BTEK Technology Interpretation Center accomplishes. Designed by architecture firm ACXT, the new building is part of Spain’s Vizcaya Technology Park, where it will serve as an interpretation center that introduces student visitors to all kinds of forward-looking technologies.

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Designers Gonzalo Carro and Javier Perez Uribarri certainly designed the technology center with energy efficiency in mind. The 8,500 square-foot building uses geothermal heating and coolingand a building-integrated photovoltaicsystem. Lots of windows lining the front of the structure allow hallways to be bathed in natural light. Plus, grass lines the roof and solar panels are integrated into the building’s triangular shape.

And whileBTEK’s green cred is certainly impressive, its beauty is nothing to scoff at, either. When looking at the technology center from the right angle, its grass-lined, triangular shape seems to emerge from a cluster of tree tops, providing continuity to the surrounding greenery. Sitting on one of the highest points at Vizcaya Technology Park, BTEK is visible fromBilbao Airport, and designers hope the structure will serve as a landmark within the surrounding landscape. BTEK’s aesthetics combined with its energy efficiency certainly gives dual meaning to the phrase “green building.”


Via Arch Daily

Photos by Aitor Ortiz