TRIWA is a watch-making company with a mission. Sea Shepherd is a non-profit working toward wildlife conservation. Finding common ground, the two collaborated to achieve both their goals. 

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A tattooed arm with a watch on the wrist.

Swedish brand TRIWA has designed a wristwatch made completely from recycled ocean plastic. The team felt it was crucial to rely on plastic harvested from the ocean to make a statement about damage to the ecology of the marine environment. To further this goal, profits from the watch sales will help fund Sea Shepherd’s mission.

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A tattooed arm with a watch on the wrist.

The watch collection, first launched in 2020, is called Time for Oceans. It was developed in a partnership with Tide Ocean Material, a group that turns ocean-bound plastic into a new premium raw material. 

A black watch in a white and blue case.

After a year of planning and discussions, TRIWA and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society launched the Time for Action campaign. In addition to being made completely from recycled ocean plastic, the watch is meant to make a statement about taking action. It features Sea Shepherd’s logo on the dial and backplate, as well as a limited edition sleeve. All packaging is recyclable, and 15% of the sales from each watch go back to Sea Shepherd. 

The side of a watch.

“Ocean conservation requires all types of actions. We’re in a situation where our oceans are in desperate need of help. One thing is making use of the thousands of tons of plastic circulating our oceans, another thing is taking direct action against illegal activities that are endangering species against which Sea Shepherd is fighting with admirable effort and dedication. By creating this watch, we hope consumers will actively engage and contribute to cleaner oceans and more importantly, wear this watch as a statement piece to spread the message of taking actions for our oceans,” said Ludvig Scheja, co-founder and creative director at TRIWA.

A person standing on a pile of green rope to the right of a black flag.

With the proceeds, Sea Shepherd will continue the nonprofit’s mission to “end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.” The organization investigates and documents illegal activities at sea to safeguard the biodiversity of the ocean and ensure survival for future generations.

A person standing under a black Sea Shepherd flag.

The TRIWA x Sea Shepherd Time for Action watch was released on Sept. 21, 2021.


Via Sea Shepherd 

Images via TRIWA and Sea Shepherd / Glenn Lockitch