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Tayyar’s change of lifestyle was originally inspired by a TV program about homes on wheels. He decided to utilize his skills to create his own modern residence, creating his home for approximately $225,000 over the course of several years.

The walls of the truck are seven inches thick, providing great insulation. Inside, the compact space incorporates a kitchen, bedrooms, a work and seating area, and a bathroom. Although the square footage may seem small,  photos depict a spacious and calm interior, fitted throughout with wooden surfaces. Within the framework of a truly mobile home, energy supplies must also be transportable, so the roof is topped with photovoltaic panels to take care of solar energy, and water is provided via a tank.

Tayyar’s design is not only resourceful, but is also a creative reflection on contemporary sustainable living, which he hopes will become more popular. Could a community of simple-yet-stylish truck homes be a viable option for the future? A “village on wheels” is a dream of Tayyar’s, where residents could avoid the constraints of urban living and create a more dynamic lifestyle.

+ Joseph Tayyar

Via Decoexist

Images via Ilan Nachum