The Trump Administration is set to appoint two people who oppose the mainstream climate science to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) this month. University of Delaware professor David Legates, who has openly questioned the scientific census that human activity drives climate change, has already been named the deputy assistant of commerce for environmental observation. In previous remarks, Legates has argued that carbon emissions are beneficial to the environment. The Trump administration is also ready to appoint meteorologist Ryan Maue as the chief scientist of NOAA. Maue, who runs the site, has openly criticized both the worst-case scenario climate predictions and the link between fossil fuels and extreme weather events.

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Speaking to the Washington Post, two NOAA officials confirmed that Maue is being considered for the above position.

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“For the second time this month, a person who misrepresents, distorts, and disagrees with climate science is being placed in a science position at NOAA,” Professor Katharine Hayhoe tweeted.

Most recently, Maue has spoken out against California governor Gavin Newsom for saying the state’s record-breaking wildfires are connected to climate change. In a tweet, he insinuated that the Democrats are using the weather events to score political points.

“Seems the Democrats have coordinated their efforts to use the devastating California fires as an opportunity to score political points in the upcoming election by blaming them solely on climate change (and Trump),” Maue tweeted. The tweet has since been deleted but is available on The Washington Post.

While the new appointees have argued openly against mainstream science, studies show that recent extreme weather events are linked to climate change. Unfortunately, the new appointees would greatly influence the NOAA agenda.

“Normally, when people are chosen for high-profile positions relating to climate change, I’ve heard of them. I have no idea who this person is, other than I’ve seen him saying things about climate that are wrong on social media and in op-eds. I suspect that he has the one and only necessary qualification for the job: a willingness to advance the agenda of climate deniers,” tweeted Andrew Dessler, a Texas A&M climate scientist.

If climate deniers are put in control of research and policymaking, chances are that much of the efforts that have been made in the past could be eroded.

Via EcoWatch and The Washington Post

Image via NOAA