In the land of alternative facts, up is down, left is right, and no one cares at all about the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines. At least, that’s what Trump would have you believe. POTUS told reporters that after giving the projects the green light, he didn’t get a single complaint phone call. “I don’t even think it was controversial,” he added.

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“I haven’t had one call from anybody,” Trump said. ““You know, usually, if I do something it’s like bedlam, right?” And maybe he’s right, maybe he hasn’t had any calls, since the comment line at the White House was shut down on January 23.

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Trump wasn’t done with mangling the facts just yet, though. He also claimed that “Nobody showed up to fight” against the pipelines initially. Protestors only showed up after the companies spent a “tremendous” amount of “hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars,” and then protestors showed up. Dollars that not coincidentally came out of Trump’s own pockets.

Not to worry, though. These completely uncontroversial pipelines are going to be real job creators according to Trump. Keystone will create “32,000  jobs almost immediately,” jobs that TransCanada CEO Russ Girling say will be “ongoing, enduring.” Fact checkers expect the pipeline will actually create about 3,900 two-year jobs, with just around 50 people being employed long-term.

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