It appears President Donald Trump is determined to push forward with a wall on the border of Mexico. Today he is set to sign an executive order to that end, but that doesn’t mean he’s fulfilled his campaign promise yet. The controversial order would direct what the New York Times describes as “already appropriated federal funds” to build the wall, and last time we checked, that money wasn’t coming from Mexico as Trump pledged.

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Trump tweeted on Tuesday evening, “Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!” But his order alone may not be enough to instigate construction. Congress must authorize any new funding, according to The New York Times. Trump declared Mexico would pay for the wall but its leaders have thus far staunchly refused. The New York Times said it was not clear where money for the wall would come from.

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It could cost $6.5 million per mile to build the wall, according to the Government Accountability Office, and the Mexico border is around 1,900 miles long, although Trump said his wall would only cover 1,000 miles and natural obstacles could help with the rest. The BBC reports 650 miles already include some sort of fence or structure. But the wall could still cost at least $6.5 billion dollars to start, not including money that would later be tacked on for infrastructure and maintenance.

The United States could have to shell out another $4.2 million per mile for other fencing and roads, say some congressional officials. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California said as the wall could cost $14 billion, perhaps even some Republicans would flinch away from its construction.

Via The New York Times

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