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architecture, parametric design, mobius strip, moire lattice, pavilion, ContemPLAY, Montreal, Canada, local materials, digital design, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, McGill University

Master architecture students from McGill University (along with their supervisors) worked on this project for fifteen months, sourcing all of the necessary materials and technology from within the local community. The idea was to put parametric design to the test in order to better understand the relationship between digital tools and the built environment.

Twisted and cantilevering into a protective shell installed on campus, the ContemPLAY pavilion showcases a range of possibilities for the future of parametric design. The Möbius strip and moiré lattice are both complex geometries and combining them in one 3D structure would have been very difficult to achieve without digital tools. In addition to being a great feat for architecture, this street furniture also has an earthy edge that enhances the project’s contemplative dimension.

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