What happens when you challenge two teams from the same architectural firm to create an amazing residential design? Designer Maarten Baas was determined to find out as he led two separate teams from Dutch-based firm Van Aken Architecten to create residential designs for De Bakermat Plaza in Eindhoven, once voted the fourth ugliest place in all of Holland.

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Team A’s proposal, “The Sketch” consisted of series of mismatched towers, using different materials shapes, sizes and colors for each individual, but conjoined structure.

Team B’s design, “House – UP,” sees a slightly more refined and traditional design than The Sketch. The House Up structure is dotted with white-framedprotruding windows and sits on “stilts”. The design was supposed to encompass the city’s traditional character and history, but with a modern twist.

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Interestingly, both teams decided to use the plaza’s ugly reputation as a factor in their design proposals. Not to say that the teams’ entries were not pleasing to the eye, only that both designs built on the idea of the area’s confirmed unsightliness, raising the bar so that each building would be so distinctly whimsical that they might just end up as iconic.

At the end of Dutch Design Week, a jury of experts and the voting public elected The Sketch as the winner. Team A’s design apparently “captured the history of Eindhoven: the union of six small villages that form one city.”

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