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TYIN Tegnestue, Norway, Norwegian wood, low-impact cabin, wooden poles fundations, local materials, recycled windows, Mexican and Norwegian students, Lyset paa Lista, Architecture, Tiny Homes, Recycled Materials, Eco Tourism, Daylighting,

Locals in the remote Nordic district of Lista called upon TYIN Tegnestue to create an architectural piece that would attract visitors and potential investors to the area. So with the help of architecture students from Mexico and Norway they created a small timber cabin for people to experience the beautiful landscape. The cabin is accessed through a 195-foot-long elevated path that doubles as a raised terrace, and its straight lines contrast with Lista’s complex and uneven landscape.

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The building is made from Norwegian wood and recycled windows, and its low-impact foundation is set on wooden poles buried in the sandy soil. The interior is filled with natural light thanks to its many recycled windows, and displays show information about the area. Completed in only 3 weeks, the project was made possible thanks to local inhabitants who kindly contributed food, materials and tools and machinery to make this wooden dream shelter come true.

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Photos by Pasi Aalto