Architecture studio GAFPA Wachtebeke Home Wachtebeke Home

Although the home’s paneled cladding and chunky form gives off a prefabricated modular feel, it neither of these things. It is, however, built on a concrete platform with wooden feet that raise the structure off the ground, similar to traditional Japanese architecture.

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Architecture studio GAFPA Wachtebeke Home Wachtebeke Home

The odd U-shape layout divides the home’s interior into two separate living spaces that lead to open-air terraces on either end. In another nod to Japanese design, a small tree sits in between the two living spaces, bringing nature “inside” through large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Architecture studio GAFPA Wachtebeke Home

Simple materials complete the home’s interior design, including plywood walls, polished screed flooring and basic metal fixtures. A winding staircase at the heart of the living space is the only somewhat frivolous detail found inside. Although the home design is quite simplistic, the primary objective was to provide an uncluttered space for the residents. According to the studio, “The weekend house gives its residents the chance to escape from everyday life. In its lightness, it seems only temporary.”

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Photography by Tim Van de Velde