San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is undergoing some serious construction that will leave an ugly casualty behind: the old eastern half of the bridge span. Last year, Rael San Fratello Architects proposed that the obsolete span be converted into the Bay Line, a High Line Parkfor San Francisco. Not to be outdone, a class of graduate students at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design have come up with other design fantasies for the aging eyesore.

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The student proposals include features like gardens, housing, hotels, shops, landscaped paths, and even farms. Of course, it’s unlikely that any of these plans — including the Bay Line — will come to fruition. That’s because the old span is seismically unstable, and would require years of maintenance to be a viable host to the proposed structures. Still, it’s fun to think about ways that we can turn outdated pieces of the urban landscape into things of beauty.

+ Berkeley College of Environmental Design

Via San Francisco Chronicle

Lead project by Lan Hu