Flipping through new magazines today can feel like shaking the colorful branches of a glossy tree, with leaves falling out from between its limbs. Only they’re falling into your lap, and sometimes 6 at a time. Magazine subscription cards, fouling up the pre-buy flip through at the newsstand and littering up your living room. Thought subscribing would keep them at bay? Nope, but an address file might. Ugly Kitty is taking those fallen leaves and turning them into functional, pretty indexing to keep your reading clean and your contacts in order.

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Each address file box is made from half of a wooden recipe card organizer and lots of glorious recycled paper. After collecting hundreds of magazine subscription cards and other found papers, they are all cut into 2” x 3.5” cards and rounded at the corner, keeping the address information intact. Throw in a few heavy stock dividers (26 to be exact) and you’re on your way to upcycled organization with just a hint of kitsch.

Individually collected and (mostly) handcrafted files are $65 USD a piece and easily refillable. It takes some time for the Ugly Kitty to gather enough subscription cards for a full file so be sure to order ahead and be patient. Or start saving your own leaflets to aid in the gathering.

And yes, the Ugly Kitty does really exist! Through the Ugly Kitty Etsy shop, over $1,800 has been donated to the Cool Cat’s Rescue Center, a kill-free pet adoption center in Annapolis, Maryland and the former home of Quasi, the original Ugly Kitty.