The UK broke a series of wind energy records in December 2013 – including the record for most wind power produced in a single month. In December, Britain generated a total of 2,841,080 megawatt hours (MWh) – about 10 percent of the country’s total power demand. The amount of energy generated from wind turbines last month is enough to power 5.7 million homes in the country.

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In the week between the 16 and 22 December, 2013, wind energy power plants generated 783,889 MWh of electricity, according to renewable energy trade association RenewableUK, which coordinates statistics and intelligence on marine and wind power in the UK and its waters.

On December 21, wind farms generated 132,812 MWh and supplied 13 percent of the country’s total electricity demand that day, breaking a single-day generation record.

The previous monthly record was set in October 2013 with 1,956,437 MWh, which met around 8 percent of UK’s electricity demand that month, 2 percent less than in December. According to RenewableUK’s data, the amount of electricity generated by wind is even greater than that, since the statistics taken into account refer to electricity monitored by National Grid and do not include small wind farms that generate energy for local networks.

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