Ulf Mejergren Architects, Stockholm, mini-city, skyscraper, stick city, Ulf Mejergren Architects, workshop, kids architecture, plywood crates, Beam Camp If the concept wins the competition, this intricate structure will be built by kids attending a workshop in the UK this summer. The project is planned much like a regular-sized city, on a grid of 11 x 11 blocks, with each block being based on a 2-foot high-plywood crate measuring 3-feet wide. The kids would use these boxes as base for the skyscrapers.

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Each pair of kids will build one skyscraper according to the dimensions given by the architects. They will use bundles of reed and tools for creating figures of paper maché to cover the outside of the buildings. The basic form of each structure won’t be visible, leaving only the reed on the exterior, which will be attached in place with plastic straps.

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