December marks the last month of the 13 extreme tree houses on display at the Dallas Arboretum. The Dallas Arboretum Ultimate Tree House exhibit is the result of a competition open to local architects in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to design unique tree houses with regards to two rules…

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1.The design must be non intrusive on the tree, this includes the digging into the ground around the tree to avoid roots, nailing or screwing into the tree, and avoid the pruning of any large limbs.

2.The tree house either had to be placed on the ground or up in the tree. All tree houses on the ground must be ADA compliant, and all houses up in the tree must be a minimum of 10 feet above ground level.

Framework, by designers Kippen Schet & Jonathan Wood, is both interactive and sculptural. Inspired by the beautiful views of an existing limestone pavilion containing a series of water falls, the design actually frames the particular instances within nature — encouraging viewers to see and experience what the designers saw when first visiting the site. Made of cedar and steel exposed fasteners, this treehouse is designed to bring the focus back to nature instead of competing with it.

Click here to see the other 12 designs on display at the Arboretum until the end of the month. Each designer offers a unique take on what a tree house is.

Thanks to Jonathan for the tip.

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