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Visitors to the enormous 89,000 square foot store are first greeted with LED video installations on the storefront. A series of large plate glass windows face the street, bringing natural light in, but also giving passersby a voyeuristic glimpse into the interior. The LED video installations fluctuate between animated UNIQLO logos and featured garments.

Once inside, the floors are arranged around three escalators, which are sandwiched between dual staircases that are back lit with glowing LED lights. Custom LCD screens were created specially for the store. The screens can be hung individually, but also link together, creating a giant wall of LCD screens. Some 300 of these LCD screens are hung around the store, displaying ads, installations and signage. By using digital signage, UNIQLO abolishes the need to use paper based signs, which also cuts on waste as the signs change frequently.

Glass walls are a theme that run throughout the stores, so UV-coated insulated glass was used to cut down on energy consumption and solar gain. A superior mechanical and HVAC system was installed to provide even further energy efficiency for the retail space.

UNIQLO’s 34th Street store is also a grandiose display of LED lights, UV-coated glass and energy efficiency, coupled with a state-of-the-art sound and visual installation to entice the senses.

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images via Wonderwall