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The Spanish architecture team who won the Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge design competition consisted of Nicolas Montesano, Victor Vila, and Boris Hoppek. As opposed to a traditional perpendicular bridge, this one is circular and has two distinct crossings. One is a gently ramping and curving that crosses above the water, while the other sinks below the water. This gives pedestrians a new way to get to the other side and creates an immediate connection with the water, which is vital to the city. Boats can easily pass over the submerged section.

Built using a simple steel lattice frame, the covered bridge is naturally daylit and provides views out onto the canal. Bikers and wheelchairs can easily ride over the gently sloped upper crossing and integrated W.C.s make this a full-service project. The interior is finished with wood in order to deal with the high humidity. The bridge would be built using discarded and recovered shipyard steel from the local naval industry.

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